An autistic individual does not need to spend thousands of dollars on an autism assessment, nor do you need to remain handcuffed to a practitioner who may be in complete denial of your autism due to the “way you look”, misdiagnoses, and/or taking advantage of you, ultimately stunting your growth, while ensuring you are always in their care. 

We have found open access digital autism self-assessment tools for you to utilize on your own time and your own pace so that you can begin your own self-discovery and autism self- assessment journey while the diagnoses information remains 100% confidential unless you choose to share it. 

The goal of the assessment page is to have you use these results as a steppingstone for not only yourself but your friends, family, and/or your medical practitioner to clarify and understand your medical diagnosis, functional capacities, and cognitive functioning. The more you understand about your brain’s functionality and the external factors that could be impacting your cognitive functioning, can lead to liberating you and alleviation of barriers you are experiencing.


The Autism for Life Foundation strongly recommends Embrace Autism. Embrace is an online platform dedicated to providing valuable resources and information for autistic individuals and the overall community. One of their key features is a collection of autism assessments, articles, and guides on various topics related to autism, including psychometric tests and autism assessments.Overall, Embrace Autism aims to empower individuals with autism and their families by offering comprehensive and reliable information to help them navigate the challenges associated with autism and promote understanding and acceptance in society.

The most robust autism assessment collection IS HELD ONLINE with Embrace Autism. 

The Autism for Life Foundation strongly recommends DASHA KOLESIK Autism Resource "While You Wonder" for quick and free autism assessments and/or information! Dasha Kolesik is an autistic speech pathologist and autism assessor. As a self-assessed thus, self- identified followed by formal identification, Dasha understands the challenges and benefits of this journey. Self-identification is valid and accepted by the Autistic Community.

If you want to understand your neurotype better, we highly recommend downloading and assessing Dasha Kolesik’s AN INTRODUCTION TO THE AUTISTIC NEUROTYPE resource that is free of charge on her website. She also offers resources and guided webinars to help you self-identify as autistic.



  • THE DARK FACTOR OF PERSONALITY - A Theory of the Common Core of Socially and Ethically Aversive Personality Traits. This assessment is used to check of Narcissism Personality Disorder, Sadism, and other DARK personality traits.
  • UNMASK & EMBRACE BY DASHA - Unmask & Embrace: A 3-Day Unmasking Experience. This isn't a mere sampler, but a complementary 13-page journey crafted with care and insight, designed to help you explore and embrace your authentic self.


Adverse Childhood Experiences Include Childhood Emotional, Physical, Or Sexual Abuse And Household Dysfunction During Childhood.


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We know that Individuals on the Au spectrum can become a bit tongue-tied, with this understanding in mind we have specifically created a feedback section for you to send us your thoughts, wants, wishes, and opinions without having to come to us in person, contact us directly, and/or speak to us.

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